• E-commerce SEO Mistakes to Avoid

    6 E-commerce SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2023 Search engine optimisation is a key aspect of e-commerce marketing strategy. It is necessary to raise brand awareness and bring a relevant audience to the e-commerce website. About 44% of online shopping journeys begin with web searches.  However, SEO is a complex subject. While you are making […]

  • How To Include Videos In Your SEO Strategy

    Videos have become the best-performing content on the internet for so many reasons. You can put tons of information in a short 3-minute video, and if the video is well-made, the engagement and reach will exceed your expectations.  If you are among those who haven’t utilized videos for building a content strategy yet, this is […]

  • The Importance of Reviews for SEO — Experts Comment

    It’s common knowledge that SEO & Online reviews are closely linked. The importance of reviews for SEO is undeniable. According to reports from Moz, reviews placed are believed to make up 10% of the criteria for how Google actually displays results. Is there an importance of reviews for SEO? It is important to note here […]

  • Why On-Page SEO is Important: Modern Strategies for the Digital Marketplace

    When I first began my SEO career, I was quickly introduced to the three sides of SEO: on-page, off-page and technical. SEO agencies, such as Digital Funnel focus on the three areas to reach a successful campaign for their clients. However, countless articles on the internet focus on off-page techniques such as link building, social media campaigns, automated emails, and influencer […]