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Welcome to Digital Funnel UK, a digital marketing partner uniquely focused on serving Solar PV providers and EV charger installers. With our roots in Ireland and operations now thriving in the UK, we’re excited to offer our expertise to illuminate your brand’s path forward.

Discover new avenues for growth through our range of services, including SEO, Social Media, Digital PR, and Web Design, all tailored to uplift Solar PV and EV charging businesses.

Our portfolio boasts impressive case studies so you know we are not all talk. See snapshots below showcasing our ability to rocket online traffic, and create lots of new quote requests and inquiries.




Digital Marketing Services

This project detail is for Wizer Energy - Solor PV Installation Company. This company had no website or web presence when they first engaged with us for our services. Fast forward 2 years and their website is a lead generation machine. They were nominated for several awards with their city's Chamber of Commerce including ‘Best Digital Transformation’.


Search Engine Optimisation is extremely powerful. 85% of the search volume will go to the first 3 organic listings. If you Google ‘Solar Panels Cork’ you should see our client in #1 spot. The ads might be top but they are expensive and their conversion rate is much lower. SEO boosts a website's visibility on search engines, enhancing credibility and trust. Cost-effective and focused on user experience, SEO drives targeted traffic, providing a competitive advantage. It's a long-term strategy that offers global reach, expanding market potential. SEO is more than marketing; it's about ensuring that your online presence aligns with what users are searching for, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

Average Quarterly Results

  • Zero to 11,000+ Organic Traffic.
  • Zero to 1,200+ Inbound Leads
  • Zero to over 20 keywords in position 1-5 on Google

Social Media Advertising Campaigns

The Meta Business Suite Advertising, a powerful tool offered by Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly Facebook), stands as a linchpin in modern digital marketing. Its importance lies in its capacity to connect businesses with their target audience in an increasingly competitive online landscape. It enables businesses to tap into Meta's vast user base, encompassing millions of active British users across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This unparalleled reach grants businesses an opportunity to build a new business pipeline and build brand awareness at scale. We also incorporate Meta's 'Lead Forms' so the user can easily leave their contact details, meaning your team has a fresh batch of leads every day.


  • EV Charger Quote Request - 131
  • Solar PV Quote Request - 250

Digital PR

Our Digital PR team have earned over 50 organic placements for our client across online, print and broadcast media with our bespoke Digital PR campaigns, including mentions in national publications like the Irish Times, Independent UK, MSN, and Yahoo News. This has led to a huge number of organically earned backlinks. Digital PR is crucial for solar panel installation companies. It helps in shaping how people see your business and boosts your online presence. By telling your story through online media, social platforms, and influencers, it can attract positive attention and build trust with your customers. In today's fast-paced digital world, having good digital PR is essential for staying connected with your audience, establishing your expertise, and succeeding in the solar panel industry.


  • 1 million estimated views (excl. social media)
  • £250,000 total AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent,)
  • 40+ Backlinks from huge websites

Web Design

We built their website in WordPress which is the worlds most popular website builder. This means it will be very easy for clients to add content and incorporate new features when needed. In today's tech-savvy world, a top-tier website is indispensable for staying competitive, expanding reach, and establishing trust within the solar industry. It serves as the digital face of your business, creating crucial first impressions. Potential customers often begin their journey online, and a well-crafted website not only captures their attention but also conveys professionalism and credibility. Moreover, it offers an ideal platform for showcasing your work, demonstrating expertise, and educating visitors about the benefits of solar energy. With intuitive navigation and engaging content, it can convert curious browsers into enthusiastic clients, generating leads and inquiries.


  • Full technical SEO Intergration
  • Super fast & easy to use
  • Strategic designed to convert

Content Creation

Website & Social Media Content that drives huge volumes of traffic. We write very topical articles that get huge amount of interest. They are designed to captivate and retain visitors, reducing bounce rates and signaling quality to search engines. Fresh, informative posts keep your site relevant and improve search rankings. Furthermore, blog content provides opportunities to target valuable keywords, attracting organic traffic. It also positions your brand as an industry authority, fostering trust and encouraging return visits.


  • Just one of our many blogs
  • Keyword focused
  • Professional copywriting
  • Research included
  • 4,000+ traffic per quarter

Social Media Content Management

Lately we have also taken over their social media content creation. We take project images, latest offers, and blog content to create image carousels and videos on Facebook and LinkedIn. High-quality content creation for social media business pages is indispensable. It engages, builds trust, and attracts new followers. It can lead to increased conversions and better search engine rankings. Additionally, content conveys your brand's personality and educates customers about your products or services. Ultimately, it's the heart of a successful social media strategy, fostering relationships and driving business growth.


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