What Exactly Is A Digital PR Agency?

Here in the UK market, Digital PR serves as a powerful online marketing strategy employed by businesses to enhance their digital presence and attract attention. A Digital PR Agency operates akin to its traditional counterpart but with a focus on networking with journalists, influencers, bloggers, and online publications. Through research, campaign creation, and subsequent distribution of digital press releases, we secure high-quality backlinks and online mentions, driving website traffic, supporting marketing initiatives, and improving search engine performance.



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The Benefits of Using A Digital PR Company

Traditional PR vs Digital PR – What’s The Difference?

When it comes to Digital PR there is some confusion as to what the difference is between this and it’s traditional PR counterpart.

Digital PR

A Digital PR company focuses on utilizing linkable assets to acquire backlinks that have a direct impact on a website’s organic traffic, visibility, and overall SEO endeavors. The influence of Digital PR is evident and measurable, as the impact of these high-quality links on a site’s SEO performance can be observed.



Traditional PR

Traditional PR primarily focuses on brand awareness, which can be challenging to quantify and report on effectively. It often emphasises offline media channels.

In contrast, Digital PR is geared towards the online realm, where its strategies and tactics are more aligned with the digital landscape.




The Digital Pr Process

In a solid Digital PR strategy, the goal serves as a crucial component. What do you aim to achieve?

  • Is it driving increased traffic to a specific web page?
  • Attracting more attention to a new promotion or offer?
  • Expanding your email list to boost sales?
  • Enhancing domain authority to elevate website ranking?

Define a goal at the outset and regularly circle back to it whilst creating content.

Ideas require time, and good ideas demand even more. A reputable Digital PR company understands the value of brainstorming sessions, where Digital PR agents collaborate and explore various ideas to see what resonates.

The process involves generating a list of promising ideas and subsequently prioritizing them based on their potential to captivate and engage the audience with a compelling hook.

When developing content, a great Digital PR agency considers key questions: Who will publish this content? Which publications have the right readership and audience that align with your target customers? Will your idea be enticing enough to capture journalists’ attention? By covering these bases, a top-notch Digital PR agency ensures that the content they generate for their clients is strategically tailored for maximum impact and reach.

A Digital PR Company strategy primarily revolves around acquiring backlinks from relevant online publications through article publications. It also involves cultivating relationships with local journalists to secure mentions of clients in the press.

While there are numerous approaches to accomplish this, here are some of the most prevalent forms of a Digital PR Company strategy.

  • Publishing articles online to acquire valuable backlinks.
  • Networking with journalists, editors, and the press to secure backlinks.
  • Creating and distributing press releases to earn featured coverage.
  • Engaging in blogger outreach to obtain mentions and backlinks on relevant blogs.
  • Organising offline, in-person events to generate online attention.
  • Designing, crafting, and sharing infographics for increased visibility and engagement.

Before diving into content creation, it’s crucial to be fully committed to your ideas. You must have a clear vision of the type of content you want to generate and how you plan to leverage it effectively. Simply creating a remarkable piece of content and letting it languish in a Dropbox folder serves no purpose.

A top-notch Digital PR agency, will diligently draft, revise, and refine the content to ensure it is engaging and on-point before submission.

Digital PR Agency FAQs

Is Digital PR the same as digital marketing?

Digital PR, a distinct element within the realm of digital marketing, brings its own unique techniques. The real value of partnering with a Digital PR Agency in the UK is realised when it synergises with SEO, another crucial component of digital marketing. Obtaining coverage on high domain authority (DA) websites not only supports the efforts of SEO teams but also represents a significant victory for Digital PR teams.



How does Digital PR effect SEO?

A Digital PR company bridges the gap between traditional PR and SEO, leveraging their combined power for exceptional results. Digital PR agents proactively create compelling in-house content with unique angles that naturally attract journalists. This, when combined with a robust SEO strategy, yields positive outcomes. The content generated can range from articles and survey data to engaging infographics, all aimed at building strong, high-quality backlinks.

Digital PR agents and SEO specialists collaborate closely, with the latter providing data-driven insights to inform strategic plans and achieve organic search success. Working with a Digital PR Company enables you to enhance your website’s authority and expand its reach. While traditional PR focuses on brand positioning and awareness, Digital PR agents prioritise the establishment of strong backlinks through online coverage, working hand in hand with SEO experts to measure the value of these links and track their effectiveness in terms of website ranking, traffic, and conversions.



Why Digital PR is Important

Digital PR crafts your brand’s identity through the creation of newsworthy and relevant content, strategically positioning it in front of your target audience, including consumers and clients who are directly aligned with your business.



What is Digital PR Company strategy?

An effective Digital PR strategy centers around crafting compelling content with a distinctive angle, followed by targeted outreach to journalists, bloggers, online publications, and other relevant sources to secure coverage. This coverage not only generates visibility but also garners valuable backlinks to your website.




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