• Taking Your Marketing Attribution to the Next Level

    What is Marketing Attribution At its core, marketing attribution is the process of assigning value or “credit” to each touchpoint of a customer’s journey. It helps marketers gain a better understanding of which tactics are driving sales, leads, and other important business outcomes. By analysing the performance of each touchpoint in the buyer’s journey, marketers […]

  • 8 Proven Tips on How To Optimise & Improve Website Design

    A properly-designed website helps users develop confidence and credibility, as well as makes it easier for users to access and interact with the information and resources they require. A poorly designed website, on the other hand, might make a brand or business appear amateurish and prevent people from interacting with the website. Investing in a […]

  • The Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO – Experts Comment

    Keyword research is one of the most fundamental facets of a successful SEO campaign. If you want to improve your sites SEO, you’ll need to cherry pick the correct keywords, but how do you know what terms are right for you? You use keyword research tools. To make life easier for you, Digital Funnel have […]

  • Growing A Business: 5 SEO Tips That Can Help Your Business

    In this digital age, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is constantly proving beneficial to businesses in all sectors. It involves activities that aim to increase the likelihood that your website will appear on SERPS (search engine results pages ). And a well-optimized site increases the likelihood of customers finding your webpage whenever they search for keywords […]

  • How to Write Meta Descriptions : A Beginners Guide

    Knowing how to write meta descriptions is vital if you want to increase click-through rates and get your content seen. In short, meta descriptions are HTML meta tags that average out at around 155 characters. These valuable snippets provide a user-friendly summary of the content of your page and appear directly below a page title […]

  • Best SEO Tools For Bloggers To Increase Website Traffic

    There is no doubt that the use of SEO tools has been increasing day by day. These tools simplify a variety of tasks that are important to improve optimization scores, enhance user experience, and increase website traffic. It’s no easy feat to find reliable, worthwhile tools because not every option available is worth using . […]

  • SEO ROI: How to Measure & Improve It

    Understanding how to implement SEO effectively is only half the battle. Nowadays, you need to be confident that you’re seeing a good return on your investment (ROI). In simple terms, SEO ROI gives you a clear idea of the value your SEO efforts are bringing to your business. Whether you’re taking charge of it in-house […]

  • How To Include Videos In Your SEO Strategy

    Videos have become the best-performing content on the internet for so many reasons. You can put tons of information in a short 3-minute video, and if the video is well-made, the engagement and reach will exceed your expectations.  If you are among those who haven’t utilized videos for building a content strategy yet, this is […]

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    A good SEO professional’s work is never done, but their work can be made easier with the use of some handy tools! We’re all aware of chrome extensions, however, were you aware that there are some super useful Google Chrome SEO extensions available? Throughout this article, we’ve listed some of the very best as recommended […]